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General questions

Should I be a good cyclist to take part in a bike tour?

No, our bike tour are customized to be easy and not for hard biker, except on private departure with special request. You have to be able to manage a bike on a road and control your speed.

How should I be dressed for bike tour and other activities, which equipments?

No specific needs. You have to be with comfortable clothes, baskets and you have to think that on a bike it’s always colder than by walk… so bring a jacket if the weather is not too warm. Closed toe shoes and close fitted clothing are better than loose clothes. The weather can change quickly, espacially during the mid-season. Also, take several thin and warm clothes to be able to adjust your temperature perfectly according to a beautiful sunny interval or a short downhill in the shadow of the forest.
During the summer, it can be hot. Take sunglasses and sunscreen. Always take a bottle of water.

What clothes should I wear?

If it’s overcast or a bit fresh we do suggest you to bring maybe a pullover or light wind breaker. However we do suggest casual and fitted clothing with trainers or jogging shoes for the tour. You don’t need to come as a professional cyclist… ( except specific private tour or eventually  multi day tour )

I’m vegan or I have specific recommendations to eat?

Please let us know when you book the tour and we will be happy to bring you attention for your meal.

We would like to start from our hotel, is it possible?

Yes, for sure ! We can start from your hotel directly by bike or if it’s not really a good spot departure we can organize a transfer by van for you.

What’s happen if it’s rainy?

We run the tour, rain or shine. Please bring suitable rain gear in case of inclement weather, if you don’t have rain jacket, let us know asap, we could bring one. If it’s forecast for rain on the day of your tour, we strongly recommend turning up for the bike tour as the weather forecast is 99% of the time wrong. We ask participants to show up on the day of their tour even in the eventuality of rain. A no show will incur full cost of the tour. If the tour is cancelled due to bad weather, no payment will be taken.

Is there a minimum age or maximum?

We welcome all age groups. It’s just necessary to be in good shape. About children we suggest that they must be able to ride comfortably (minimum 7 years old) to make the experience an enjoyable one. But if you want to come with younger kids, you are welcome, we can set up tandem bike, bike trailer and kids seat, we have to be aware about when you book the tour. Please note that all the participants should be able to respect the instructions for a good security.

How will be the road on the bikes tours?

We are lucky in Burgundy ! We have a lot of cycle lane and all the roads are sealed. Some part of our circuit use some trails but with good conditions for cycling. Most of the time it’s easy to ride with only some part a bit hilly. We use the road where the cars trafic is low and car drivers are nice but please pay attention and take care, respect the rules for your security and don’t worry our tours are made for your pleasure and to have a good time.
Please watch out. In France we ride on the right side of the road even on the cycle lanes. Follow your guide or always be aware if you ride by your own. To turn on the right, raise your right arm before turning and for the left, raise your left arm before turning. Always ring your bell for pedestrian and when there is no visibility. You ride in silence not like a car.
Note that on mountain bike tours we will be only on trails and not on sealed road !

Will we have break during the bike tour?

Yes, plenty of breaks to take pictures, talk, explain the region, the vineyards and visit different wineries, castle, museum…

Is there an option to buy wine on the bike tour ?

Yes, it’s possible and we even recommend to do it on our bikes tour because you will be directly in the wineries. Prices are cheaper than in town. Wines could be delivery or pick up with us.
Please Note :  there is absolutely no obligation and we aren’t responsible for wine sold, breakages, shipping or losses about items.

We are a group of friends, family or other, we want to stay together, is it possible?

Yes, for sure !  Request a private tour.

What form of payment is accepted?

We take cash, check or wire directly on our bank account or by PayPal. We have no electronic terminal to accept debit card or credit card, thank you for your comprehension.

Coming for 1 Day Bike Tour from Paris or Lyon ?

Yes, it’s possible to go and back in one day. Look at the bottom of this page. Car and TGV (speed train) are the best ways. We have people who do it frequently, it’s a long day, but memorable.

Website issues

How to book a tour for several people with different options ?

Just add as many products as there are different options to your basket. If, for example, some people want an electric bike and some don’t, just specify the number of people who wish the option electric bike then click on “Add to basket”. Go back to the product page and specify the number of people who do not want an electric bike (without checking the option this time) and click on “Add to basket”.

What form of payment is accepted?

We accept payments by credit card, Visa and Mastercard via our module fully secured bank (Caisse d’Epargne). We also accept wire bank transfer.

Why a few tours and trips are not bookable online ?

Some stays or tours are tailor-made or require a verification of upstream availability. That’s why they are not directly bookable online. Tours marked with a green icon with a caddy are directly bookable online.

How to get to Burgundy and join us ?

It’s very easy to come in Burgundy in Beaune. We are placed 30 km in the South of Dijon, at the crossing of major French and European North-South and East-West motorways, in the middle of the triangle Paris-Lyon-Strasbourg. It won’t take you long to get here, whichever means of transportation you use.

Motorway / Highway

A6 : Paris–Lyon, by Sens–Auxerre–Saulieu–Pouilly-en-Auxois–Beaune–Chalon-sur-Saône–Mâcon
A31 : Luxembourg–Nancy–Langres–Dijon–Beaune
A36 : Bassin Alsace-Suisse-Allemagne by Mulhouse–Besançon–Beaune

Junctions :
A5 : Paris – Sens – Troyes – A31 (Langres)
A38 : liaison A6 – Pouilly-en-Auxois – Dijon – A31
A39 : Bourg-en-Bresse – Dole (junction A36, Beaune) – Dijon
A40 : Genève – Mâcon – A6 (Beaune)
A7 : from the south junction at Lyon with A6 to the north
A26 : from the north Calais–Lille–Reims– junctions A5/A31 (Langres, Dijon, Beaune)

For example :
One way trip Lyon – Beaune  1 h 45
One way trip Mulhouse – Beaune  2 h 15
One way trip Paris – Beaune   3 h

Please note in France the motorways are charged. There is no toll information on the road signs. Please be aware at this little sign. 
Take a ticket at the gate to enter on the motoraway and paiement at the exit gate by cash or international debit/credit card. Ever use the orange T queue.

On motorway the speed limit is 130 km/h or sometimes 110 and also 90. It’s depend on the road conditions and the user, especially with a campervan or a caravan. Please respect the speep limit.

If you have more time or to save money, we have in France a great highway network which is free. The speed limit is maximum 90 km/h. It’s a very good way to take your time, enjoy our countryside and stop wherever you want in the fields or in the little towns and see so much more than the back of a lorry.
In France, we drive on the right side of the road # I know it’s very illogical ???? # but please watch out for your safety.

To come by road, others options are possible with car sharing (you also can take a lift in your car) or by bus, not the fastest but definitely the cheapest.
You have many others possibilities to rent a car everywhere and especially directly at the train station. Train is faster and more ecologic.


The TGV (speed train) network gets you here easely (Paris-Dijon : 1 h 40). There is several trains everyday and TGV go to the most important cities in Burgundy : Dijon, Montbard, Beaune, Chalon-sur-Saône, Le Creusot / Montchanin / Montceau-les-Mines, Mâcon-Loché. All have connections to local places. During the peack season, there is more trains with more stops, especially in Beaune. From Lyon : 1 h 20, from Valence : 2 h, from Marseille : 3 h … compare than the car it’s very convenient. For a long trip it’s more comfortable and cars hire are directly available near the train station. is your best friend to buy your ticket on line.

From Dijon, there is also a direct TGV service to Disneyland-Paris and Charles de Gaulle Airport. In the same way for Lyon Saint-Exupéry Airport.
You have all services to connect easely Eurostar to London by Paris or Lille or TGV Thalys to Brussels.
Still from Dijon, you have all services with TGV Lyria to Switzerland (Zurich, Bern, Lausanne, Geneva) and obviously all services to the South of France to Marseille, Montpellier, French Riviera …

For short trips, the excellent TER regional service is fast and comfortable. TER is an excellent and friendly way to explore Burgundy. Book your ticket on line with the link above.

For all enquiries about your local trips in Burgundy, use MOBIGO on line or by phone 0 800 10 2004. Clever to find the good conjugaison between all possibilities to move in Burgundy (bus, TER, car-sharing, cities public transports).


Internationals airports in Paris (Roissy Charles de Gaulle and Orly), Lyon (Saint-Exupéry), Geneva and Basle-Mulhouse are all close to Burgundy, by motorway and/or TGV services.


Beaune Agency

Allée du Docteur Bouley, Beaune
+33 (0)3 80 26 17 12

From april 1st to octobre 31th :
Opened everyday from 9am to 12:30am and from 13:30pm to 6pm
(opened the rest of the year upon customer request)

Dijon Agency

78 rue Monge, 21000 DIJON
+33 (0)3 80 26 17 12

From april 1st to octobre 31th :
Opened on wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday from 10am to 12:30am and from 13:30pm to 6pm


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